The Joyce and Thomas Moorehead Scholarship Foundation

The Joyce & Thomas Moorehead Foundation



"Educating Today's Scholars, Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders"

What We Offer



Scholarships are open to graduating high school seniors enrolling in both two-year and four-year colleges and universities.  Initial eligibility guidelines for students include:

  • Those in good academic standing—with at least a 2.5 GPA during their senior year.
  • Those who demonstrate both financial need and academic merit.
  • Those who exhibit leadership ability and community engagement.
  • Those who have the potential to succeed in higher education.


A strategy is in place for renewing and funding scholarships for recipients after each year of successful enrollment Guidelines for reviewing and ranking applications will be established by the Foundation. 


The application packet may include: a completed application form, an essay, a photograph of the applicant, school transcript, letters of recommendation, and other information as deemed necessary by the Foundation. 

 Emergency Grants to College Students:

  • Selected HBCUs and other institutions will identify students in need
  • Those from Northern Virginia high schools with demonstrated financial need/hardship will be  given a preference
  • Students will complete a specific application for Emergency Grants



More than a Scholarship: Building a Program and a Community


As a vital part of the scholarship program, students will have opportunities to establish meaningful relationships with their donors and to connect with those associated with the Foundation who support their higher education journey and personal growth in a variety of ways. 


Foundation scholars will be expected to maintain high levels of academic achievement and personal community accountability while receiving scholarship funds and support.  To stress this expectation, as a part of the "send-off" event, scholars will participate in a signing ceremony to emphasize the Foundation's expectation that the recipients will take seriously their expectation that the recipients will take seriously their participation in the Foundation community.